Servo motors

WITTENSTEIN cyber motor develops and produces technologically advanced servo motors with maximum power density. Our product know-how encompasses rotative and linear synchronous servo motors as well as servo actuators. Our expertise is in specialized motors for extreme conditions like ultra-high vacuums, radioactive environments or high temperatures.

Rotative synchronous motors

Linear synchronous motors

Special motors

Applications for servo motors

Servo motors are used whenever precise, dynamic and energy efficient motion tasks have to be executed in a small installation space. WITTENSTEIN cyber motor provides a comprehensive portfolio of rotative and linear electric motors. Our synchronous servo motors comprise the cyber dynamic line for dynamic positioning tasks in a small space, cyber kit motors for highly integrated solutions and cyber power motors for applications demanding the highest levels of performance. The linear servo motors in our cyber linear motors family round off the motor range along with our servo actuators. Learn more about our comprehensive product portfolio!