cyber® torque motor

  • cyber® torque motor

  • cyber® torque motor – segmented stator

  • cyber® torque motor

high torque – compact – low cogging

cyber® torque motors are high-torque AC synchronous servomotors in sizes up to 800mm in diameter. The compact, installation-ready design can be embedded in confined spaces of your application.


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WITTENSTEIN - North America

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  • Product Overview
  • Options
  • Technical Specifications
Our motorYour benefits
  • High-torque motors
  • Compact dimensions
  • High overload capacity and rigidity
  • Maintenance-free
  • Extremely low cogging torque
  • Use of direct drives with minimal installation space
  • Optimal integration
  • High performance at maximum precision
  • High reliability and long service life
  • High synchronization



Your possibilities
  • All customary encoder systems
  • Integrated holding brake
  • Convection or liquid cooling with process or fresh water
  • Design without casing
  • Customized with hollow shaft
  • Integration into your machinery
  • Design with high protection rating, up to IP69K
  • Casing made from stainless steel



UnitsSize 180Size 220Size 271Size 440Size 543
Peak torqueNm30569176212041772
Corner speedmin-120005801000900520
Nominal voltageVDC560

Specifications subject to change.