Integrated system solutions

Integrated system solutions from WITTENSTEIN cyber motor are more than just the sum of their component parts. The intelligent combination of mechanics, motor, electronics and software results in a single-source mechatronic drive system that enables increased efficiency during the development, implementation and operation of drive solutions. Easy integration, fast commissioning, a small footprint and improved dynamics and precision are just a few of the benefits you get with integrated system solutions from WITTENSTEIN cyber motor.

Integrated system solutions adapted to your requirements

WITTENSTEIN cyber motor’s integrated system solutions are comprised of harmonized drive systems for many different markets and applications. cyber iTAS®, the completely scalable, modular drive system is specially designed for the AGV (automated guided vehicle) segment. Various feature packages allow harmonized overall systems – from the wheel to the electronics – to be designed to suit specific vehicles. The hardware and software of this system solution are tailored to the requirements of the vehicle architecture.

The cyber ternary series of linear and rotary actuators ship with integrated power electronics. With their compact design, reduced wiring, small footprint and fast commissioning, they are easy to incorporate into modular machine concepts.