cyber® iTAS® system
for Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)

  • The perfect solution for AGVs – cyber® iTAS® system modular servo drive system

  • cyber® TAS actuator – servo actuator with high power density and branch specific equipment packages

  • Servo amplifier of our cyber® simco® line – with high level 

  • cyber® TAS actuator in the compact equipment package – easy integration into the vehicle thanks to maximum power density in a small installation space

  • cyber® iTAS® system – maximum modularity and scalability of the actuators for the perfect vehicle design

  • MotionGUI software for commissioning, diagnosis and optimization

  • The web server function of cyber® simco® line permits condition monitoring during operation, analysis of the process parameters, diagnosis of faults and optimization of the overall plant.

  • The intelligent servo amplifiers of the cyber® simco® line makes the perfect complement to the cyber® iTAS® system thanks to its branch specific hardware and software features - and now also with a rated power of up to 2.5 kW.

The first completely scalable, modular drive system for AGV

What is special about cyber® iTAS® is its simplicity. With its diversity, efficiency and individual scalability, our fully integrated, modular servo drive system offers an innovative modular solution specially for use in Automated Guided Vehicles. The combination of a freely configurable actuator system, an intelligent servo drive series and integrable, branch specific components permits maximum flexibility when realizing new vehicle concepts – safe and space-saving in the smallest installation space.

Different equipment packages mean that cyber® iTAS® can be designed to suit specific applications, thereby effectively simplifying the process of vehicle design.
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With cyber® iTAS® systems we are a worldwide partner in the Encompass program of Rockwell Automation.

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Different equipment packages mean that iTAS® can be designed to suit specific applications:

  • Package „compact“ with integrated dynamic brake as standard version for all packages.
  • Package „advanced“ with an additional encoder for speed control or with wheel (VULKOLLAN® 93° Shore A) and mounting hardware for optimized load of the bearings of the actuator for higher loads
  • Package „performance“ that combines all options



  • Increased efficiency in development, implementation and operation thanks to harmonized component integration in AGV
  • Harmonized overall systems from wheel to electronics achieve higher vertical loads with optimal wheel connection
  • Complete drive design under one roof. The use of iTAS® capable of recovering energy should enable a boost in energy efficiency and thus also optimized design of battery systems.
  • Easy installation and mounting in the vehicle
  • Safety in your system design and safety functions in the drive system
  • Easy commissioning with drive system pre-parameterization
  • High reliability for each individual component



SizeTAS 004TAS 010TAS 025TAS 050
Wheel diameter160 mm200 mm200 mm250 mm
Gear ratio16, 20, 28, 35, 50, 70, 10016, 21, 31, 61, 91
Vertical load per drive280 kg485 kg655 kg2000 kg
Battery voltage24 or 48 V DC
Max. feed force 380 to 5200 N
Continious feed force100 to 2000 N
Rated speedup to 2,6 m/s*
Force dynamic brakeis specially designed for your operating system
Resolution additional incremental speed encoder1024 and 250 ppr

*Dimensioning necessary




simco® drive

  • Nominal power up to 2,5 kW
  • Flexible communication interfaces: CANopen, EtherCAT, PROFINET RT/IP, EtherNet/IP, TCP/IP
  • Fast commissioning via serial interface

TAS actuator

  • Wheel made of VULKOLLAN® 93° Shore A with different diameters and mounting hardware
  • Spring-loaded brake for use as a dynamic brake
  • Additional encoder for speed monitoring and connection to safety PLC
  • Mountinghardware for easy implementation and wheel


  • Prefabricated motor connection lines
  • Fieldbus cable
  • Power supply cable
  • Commissioning cable