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Compact and modular – powerful and flexible – smart and safe

The cyber® power drives by WITTENSTEIN cyber motor are a complete product line of compact motor drives with highest power density. The motor drives offer the controlled operation of synchronous machines in applications with DC supply voltage up to 750 VDC and provide a maximum output power of up to 250 kVA.


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The POWER-IQ drives are a complete series of compact drive controllers with maximum power density.

The inverter with DC inputs of up to 750 VDC offer peak capacities of up to 250 kVA and enable torque and/or RPM controller of permanent-magnet-excited synchronous machines, by means of optional field weakening, even above the rated motor speed. The fast PWM pulse at 16 kHz enables precise regulation and maximum power even for motors with high stator frequencies and low leakage inductance.

The POWER-IQ drives are modular and consist of a DC intermediate circuit, the relevant power and driver modules and signaling electronics for implementation of controller, monitoring and safety functions.

In order to optimize the functional scope and performance to the application, the POWER-IQ drives are tailored to the requirements of the specific application in consultation with the customer.

POWER-IQ drives are currently available in two power categories:

  • 150 kVA with 400 A nominal motor current at 300 V
  • 250 kVA with 250 A nominal motor current at 700 V
Power categoriesPOWER-IQ 150POWER-IQ 250
InputVDC100 - 400400 - 750
Nominal motor current In (RMS)A400250
max. motor current Imax (RMS)A500300
Switching frequencykHz16
Cooling 50/50 water/glycol