• Over 15.000 variants in the modular system

  • Integrated PLC functionality

  • Intuitive software for easy commissioning and optimization of the system


  • High overload capacity
  • Low mass inertia
  • Switching frequency from 8 to 32 kHz for dynamic movements
  • Ideal for dynamic processes with short cycle times


  • Motors with an outer diameter up to 17 mm
  • Decentralized use of the controller for space savings in the control cabinet
  • Single cable technology


  • Encoder resolution: 12 bits
  • High current resolution of 14 bits for high-precision torque control


  • High process reliability thanks to reproducible processes
  • Easy integration into your fieldbus systems


  • Energy efficient, maintenance free drives
  • Less heat dissipation


  • Numerous real-time capable fieldbuses to connect to your fieldbus systems
  • Automatic motor parameterization thanks to the electronic identification plate

Consulting and sizing

  • Individual on-site consulting
  • Telephone support hotline
  • Sizing with cymex®
  • Documentation in EPLAN