• Small servo drive system

    Servo motors and servo actuators of the cyber® dynamic line complete the smart servo controller series cyber® simco® line to a complete drive system.

  • Product family cyber® simco® line

    cyber® simco® drive is a servo controller for sinusoidal-commutated servomotors in the voltage range of 16 to 56 VDC and a peak power of up to 5 kW.

  • Use in the control cabinet or decentralized

    The servo drives are available as a control cabinet version with a protection class of IP20 or as a decentralized version with a protection class of IP65.

  • Product family cyber® dynamic line

    The cyber® dynamic line brushless servomotors are available in four sizes and can optionally be equipped with a planetary gear and a ball screw.

  • cyber® dynamic motors

    Equipped with high-quality stainless steel housing and absolute encoder, the cyber® dynamic line motor series offers maximum reliability and precision.

  • cyber® dynamic actuators L

    With the cyber® dynamic line linear actuators, the servomotor, the ball screw drive, the linear guide and the encoder system form a closed, highly integrated and ready-to-install unit.

  • Inox - and Hygienic Design

    The servomotors and actuators of the cyber® dynamic line are optionally available in full stainless steel (Inox design) or hygienic design.

  • Sectional view cyber® dynamic actuators L

    The small servo motors with integrated ball screw are available in four sizes with two spindle pitches each and two different stroke lengths for short and long stroke applications.