From application design to product maintenance to evaluating cost of ownership, WITTENSTEIN is dedicated to our customers for the lifecycle of their applications and beyond.

Engineering Support


Engineering Support & Consultation


You can always contact WITTENSTEIN North America for assistance with technical, design or application-specific questions:

  • Identify optimal products for your design
  • Address design considerations based on need
  • Request installation training and support

Motion control subassemblies are the driving force in a machine’s performance, and huge gains can be achieved by optimizing these systems. Leverage our holistic expertise to optimize your results:

  • Enhanced machine and process reliability
  • Optimized performance and productivity
  • Reduced development costs through time savings
  • Increased quality, throughput, safety and other performances that optimize cost of ownership
  • Development and production of special gearheads (from prototype through to production readiness)
  • Noise optimization of gearheads
  • Gearing design and optimization

From concept through implementation to re-investment, we stay with our customers to optimize results every step of the way.

Customer training

Expedited Delivery


Expedited Delivery


The North America headquarters in Bartlett, Illinois houses our executive, sales, engineering and technical support teams, as well as our technical center for machining, assembly, testing, service and inventory of products. The state-of-the-art machines and technical capabilities at this facility allow us to support WITTENSTEIN worldwide with mechatronic projects that integrate motors, gearboxes and controls.


Delivery and Accessibility
Our Midwest U.S. location puts product, expertise and quality within easy reach for our customers in North America:

  • Next-day shipment for many LP series planetary gearboxes
  • All other alpha products ship within 10 business days
  • Speedline service available for next-day delivery of emergency replacement parts
  • Assembly and machines staffed to run 24/7
  • State-of-the-art equipment, industry 4.0 ready 




Free sizing tool cymex® 5

Modernization service

Ongoing Support


Ongoing Support


Each WITTENSTEIN North America customer has a dedicated team of support professionals to assist with installation, operation, repairs and other customer service needs:

24/7 Service Hotline


24/7 Service Hotline


For emergency support outside of business hours call 1-224-388-8174. The hotline offers you flexibility, reliability and very fast response in the event of a repair or critical situations such as machine downtimes.

  • Shorter downtimes
  • Minimization of downtime costs
  • Maximum plant availability
  • Permanent availability
  • Personal and immediate processing of your time-critical repair issues