Industrial grade small servo motors for highly dynamic applications

The industrial grade small servo motors in the cyber® dynamic line are three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motors. They are offered in four sizes with a 17, 22, 32 or 40 mm outer diameter for output ratings between 25 and 335 watts. The strictly industrial design combined with a series of optimized features – chiefly linked to dynamics and torque – creates new opportunities for machine construction.

Excellent solution for complex motion tasks

Industrial grade

  • Built-in absolute encoder
  • High quality stainless steel housing
  • Single-cable solution (suitable for cable carriers, EMC shielded)
  • Protection class IP54 (or higher)


  • Maximum acceleration thanks to high overload capacity and low mass inertia
  • Ideal for dynamic processes with short cycle times


  • Round design with very high torque density
  • Built-in absolute encoder


  • Precise and flexible position control


  • High process reliability thanks to reproducible processes
  • Easy connection to your fieldbus systems


  • Energy efficient, maintenance free drives
  • Less heat dissipation


  • Numerous real-time capable fieldbuses to connect to your fieldbus systems
  • Automatic motor parameterization thanks to the electronic identification plate

Consulting and sizing

  • Individual on-site consulting
  • Sizing with cymex®
  • Documentation in EPLAN

Rotary motors

Linear actuators

A perfect match – simco® drive

Together with the simco® drive servo regulator, the cyber® dynamic line forms a perfect system.

You can choose between numerous different fieldbus interfaces such as CANopen, EtherCAT, Profinet RT/IRT or EtherNet/IP for easy connection to your higher-level controller.

Thanks to the electronic identification plate, there is no need to parametrize the system. The time for commissioning is significantly shorter.

Automatic motor parametrization thanks to the electronic identification plate

Protection class IP20 or IP65

STO (Safe Torque Off) to SIL3

MotionGUI graphical user interface guides you intuitively

Simple connection to your fieldbus systems thanks to real-time capable fieldbus interfaces

Your applications


Highly dynamic and precise positioning of sensitive components and tools.


Electromechanical cylinder with high accuracy for mating and pressing in processes that require careful monitoring of position and force.

Adhering & dispensing

Low maintenance and weight optimized servo motors with the highest reliability for the most challenging and precise adhering and dispensing systems.


Servo electric grippers with high power density and minimal weight for sophisticated pick & place applications.


Precise and adjustable filling with servo control of valves and metering pumps.


Automatic and controlled processes for adaptable adjustments.

Bending & pressing

Variable, force monitored motion for ambitious bending and stamping tasks.


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